"Cowboy Action Shooting as you never knew it before! This is not a how to book, but a hilarious look at how it could be if the shooters stayed in character full time. I didn't want to put it down once I started to read it; but, had to just from laughing so hard.

The authors at Questman Tales know how to spin a good yarn and have fun at the same time. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Looking forward to future volumes."

An excerpt from The Roadkill Barbecue Buffet, a short story you can find in The Misadventures...

"Pull over!” Dusty told Grumpy, who was driving.  Grumpy immediately veered off onto to the shoulder of the highway, and Dusty got out quickly.  He ran a few feet towards the back of the truck and picked something up, then opened one of the giant coolers and put it in.  He climbed back in, saying “Let’s go!”

“Did something fall off?”


“Well then, what did you pick up?”


“Was it dead?”


In the back seat, Itchy and Bones looked at each other quizzically.  Who knew what their brother was up to?  They decided not to say anything.

A few minutes later, Dusty shouted, “Pull over!” and Grumpy complied.  Dusty got out, running to the back of the truck, and again put something in one of the coolers.  When he got back in, he simply said, “Armadillo.”

A few miles down they pulled over again.  “Raccoon and squirrel,” Dusty muttered when he got back in the truck.

They pulled in to a Buc-ee’s, where Dusty ran in while Grumpy got gas.  A few minutes later they were back out on the road.  “What did we get at Buc-ee’s?” Itchy asked somewhat hesitantly.

“Ice,” Dusty replied.

They continued, finally making it to the range with two giant full coolers and three very confused brothers.   

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"...The characters are well developed, the humor sharp and the (mis)adventures beyond the imagination of most mortals....

The two main characters have become my favorite Cowboy Action Shooters™.  They are fun, entertaining and don’t take life too seriously. I am looking forward to Volume 2!..."

Ready for something different and fun? Check out the misadventures of two friends who love cowboy action shooting, dressing in western costumes, and eating lots of barbecue! 

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