The year is 2065 - the not-too-distant future.  The Earth has been decimated by wars, natural disasters, and the relentless destruction that mankind has wrought.  In this new dystopian environment, the citizens of the Earth struggle to make life as pleasant and hopeful for the younger generation, but lack the tools necessary to turn things around and rehabilitate the Earth.  On a tiny distant planet, the Draco have been watching the Earth destroy itself.  They have the resources to help, but questions abound: will their help, if offered, be accepted?  And will they be able to save the Earth from itself?  

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Prologue: The Last Day

             There is darkness: darkness, like an impenetrable, body-chilling, mind-numbing shroud; a darkness that engulfs and obliterates all; a darkness interrupted only by the faint shimmering of distant starlight -- too distant to comfort the lonely entity whose ancient eyes perceive less and less light with each passing day.

            It had spent a restless night, undisturbed by any physical discomfort, and, as usual, by the nothingness of its environment; yet stabbed with endless psychic pain from the absence of any sensory stimulus.

            The entity’s' surroundings were neither hot nor cold, but were endlessly silent. The air was fresh but always absent of any scent. Then there were the dreams. They were the hardest to endure; they were as dark, and silent, and empty, as its days!

            As it slowly awakens from its useless sleep, still positioned as planned below the astroclock that its companions had taught it to read many years earlier, it struggles to remember who - or even what - it is, and what events have brought it to this rock adrift in space.

            (They are all gone!)

            Isolated and alone for some time now in the abyss, its memory is faded, its mind is clouded, its will to live faltering.

            Eyes focused now on the space and clock above its head, the entity studies the position of the stars. A comforting realization bubbles to the surface.

            It is just after midnight on October 17th - the beginning of the last day of its life.

An excerpt from Libero Terra....