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December 22nd, 2018

There’s a blog I read on occasion that is one of my extremely guilty pleasures.  It’s written by a woman who’s about fifteen years older than me, and usually focuses on herself, her children, her job, and her obsession with our president (i.e., Trump Derangement Syndrome).  I was in the habit of reading it quite regularly, mainly because I found her bitterness and resentment towards everything to be somewhat entertaining. 

She teaches ESL classes to adults at a school in Los Angeles, and often decries the lack of support that she believes immigrants face when they come here.  She congratulates herself on being one of the ‘few’ people who actually encourages her students and supports their efforts.  Here’s the paradox: she spends a great deal of time trading quite negatively on her students’ faith in her, to the point of making fun of them in her weekly posts – if she’s to be believed, then even after several years’ worth of classes her students all still speak like Frankenstein.

She’s ultra-proud of her two sons, both in their mid-twenties, who are currently living in the basement of their home.  She brags about taking out huge student loans to put them through liberal arts programs, and about plans to defraud the government in order to avoid paying them back.  Although both sons barely squeaked through their programs, she was sure they would go on to have super-illustrious careers.  One became manager at a barbecue restaurant, and the other became a furniture mover (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those jobs – but they are hardly worth the two hundred thousand dollars their educations supposedly cost).  She complains that other people can’t seem to accept how wonderful her sons are, and although their father once called them wastrels, she herself spends a great deal of time bailing them out of tricky situations, threatening people who expect her sons to behave according to current laws, and handing them money whenever they ask.

When discussing herself, she routinely discusses her overwhelming intelligence, expressing pity for those who are not as smart.  She’s pleased by the fact that her husband has a doctorate (which means that, by extension, she has a doctorate), and is puzzled as to why the world has not showered her with accolades.

As for her feelings about the government, she believes that anyone who does not agree with her opinions (which lean so far left she could fall over) should be incarcerated.

So why would I read this?  I had to ask myself that very question a few times, and the conclusion that I came to was that I had bought into the notion that those who foment anger and resentment towards the world and most of the people in it must somehow know something I don’t.  But here’s what I finally realized: absorbing someone else’s anger and bitterness only brings extra anger and bitterness into your own life.  I stopped reading that blog, and I feel better for it.

So don’t be like that.  As the end of the year approaches, and people start considering their goals for next year, make one of your goals an attitude of positivity.  That doesn’t mean that things won’t make you laugh sometimes, or angry, or depressed.  But don’t take it in from someone else – don’t look for other sources.  Think of your own life and how you can make it better, not only for yourself but for those around you.  Have a wonderful winter season, and good health and prosperity in the new year.