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We want to introduce our staff writer, Violet Encantada.  She will be creating a new page for our site, which she calls "Life Amongst the Terminally Oblivious." 

"What is that?" you might ask.  Very simply, it's an idea that Violet created way back at the beginning of the century (not THAT far back - we're talking around 2001, fool) that consisted of an accumulation of gripes and groans about her experiences which sometimes turned into extended 'bitch sessions' but with a humorous twist.

There's only one problem: Violet has no filters, and refuses to toe the line.  She does not understand the whole politically-correct culture, and she says (and writes) whatever she thinks.  And although there are some who justify their own non-PC slip-ups by saying, "I'm not being mean - I'm just being honest (or 'keeping it real,' as some might state), Violet actually means what she says.  She likes to talk about previous experiences (both hers and those of others), but the names are always changed to protect 'the innocent' (namely, Violet).      

So we like to think of this page as sort of an 'online Bitch Book,' to include things that require more than just simple whining and kvetching.  No! These are well thought-out, full-blown rants, that cover things that might bother those who inhabit the modern world, lots of 'first-world' problems, not necessarily 'politically correct' treatises (since when has that bothered us?) and daily irritants that Violet can't seem to ignore, that she really feel deserve more attention than a brief anecdote allows, and which may or may not require a good deal of embellishment in the process.

Yes, she's been in a bad mood for about the last twenty years, and now we're going to tell you all the reasons why....

Here's a clip from something she wrote:

"For the brazillianth time I logged on today and was treated to the sight of a four-hundred-pound-plus 'model' wearing a string bikini.  Really?  The text mentioned that the woman considers herself a plus-size crusader and a body-positive advocate.

Really?  It seems to me that the only thing she's advocating is a daily trip to Dairy Queen.

I honestly could not care less if people gain hundreds of pounds if they want.  But do I have to see those images?  Couldn't I have a chance to just say no, perhaps by being cautioned with a 'Warning: Graphic picture ahead!'" 

(Her first full-length diatribe is coming soon!)  

Life Amongst the Terminally Oblivious

Life Amongst the Terminally Oblivious - a title we're pretty sure Violet stole from someone else...

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